Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis Product Landscape

In Australia, the realm of medicinal cannabis has expanded significantly, offering access to more than 400 legal medical cannabis products sanctioned by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Additionally, there exists a range of products that medical professionals prescribe through compounding pharmacies. However, due to the novelty of medical cannabis in Australia and strict regulations prohibiting its advertising, patients and healthcare providers often struggle to navigate the available options.

This article aims to provide a foundational understanding of medical cannabis products while also furnishing a comprehensive list of products accessible to patients via the TGA’s cannabis access pathways.

Please note that the lists presented below offer only a brief overview of the products. For in-depth information, including pricing, product filtering, and search capabilities, you will need to register on Catalyst for patients.

It is crucial to emphasize that this piece of writing is not crafted for promotional endeavors. The content herein, along with the inventory of products listed, serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information about medical cannabis. It aims to assist medical cannabis patients in better understanding the range of available products, offering a reference list they can discuss with their healthcare provider, and aiding those whose physicians are unfamiliar with medical cannabis. It’s important to acknowledge that medical cannabis does not yield consistent results for everyone, carries contraindications, and may induce side effects. The decision regarding the suitability of medical cannabis for your specific situation should be made collaboratively between you and your healthcare provider.

“In this piece, we’ll delve into the following areas:

  1. The variety of medical cannabis products accessible.
  2. The range of cannabinoid combinations, such as THC vs. CBD.
  3. Determining the most suitable medical cannabis product for your needs.
  4. A preliminary overview of the forthcoming list of medical cannabis products.
  5. Catalog of Medicinal Cannabis Offerings in Australia”

“What varieties of medical marijuana products are available?”

When considering cannabis, many individuals immediately associate it with smoking the plant’s flower or bud. In the realm of legal medical cannabis, physicians may recommend flower products for vaporization. Nevertheless, the predominant form of medical cannabis product is typically an oil. It’s important to note that in Australia, there are various other medical cannabis product options that doctors can prescribe, listed here in alphabetical order:

  1. Capsules
  2. Chewables
  3. Cream
  4. Crystals
  5. Flower (including granulated flower)
  6. Lozenges
  7. Oil
  8. Oil vapes
  9. Spray
  10. Wafers

Understanding the various product types is crucial, as they exhibit distinct onset, effect, and impairment timelines.

For instance, oils may have a slower ‘onset of action,’ meaning they take longer to produce an effect, but their ‘duration of action’ is typically longer. In contrast, smoking and vaping can be detrimental to lung health. Consequently, medical professionals often initiate patients with an oil-based treatment because it offers prolonged relief from symptoms compared to vaping, ensuring a more extended period of symptom management.

What combinations of cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) are on offer?

The comprehensive response to this inquiry encompasses a wide array of elements. When individuals engage in discussions regarding medicinal cannabis, CBD oil frequently takes center stage. The term ‘CBD oil’ can be somewhat misleading, as it implies an oil consisting solely of CBD. Nevertheless, there exists a variety of CBD oil types, each distinguished by the specific cannabinoid composition within the oil.

Authorized medical cannabis offerings encompass:

  1. Full spectrum
  2. Broad spectrum
  3. Isolates
  4. Terpsolates

This indicates that medical practitioners can prescribe products containing:

  • Solely CBD
  • Exclusively THC
  • A combination of CBD and THC
  • A balanced ratio of CBD and THC
  • The full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the original plant, including notable cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN
  • A CBD or THC exclusive product infused with re-added terpenes

Previously, identifying the categorization of these products posed a challenge, but now, you can easily access this information through our cannabis medicine database, Catalyst.

To gain a deeper understanding of the various forms of CBD oil, we invite you to explore our comprehensive article on the subject.

What’s the most suitable medical cannabis product for my needs?

We frequently receive inquiries such as, ‘Which medical cannabis products are most effective for alleviating anxiety?’ or ‘What cannabis product is most suitable for managing pain?’

We understand that both CBD and THC possess distinct therapeutic attributes, with some overlapping properties. Moreover, we recognize that CBD can offer significant benefits for specific conditions, like epilepsy. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the effects of cannabis often vary from person to person.

Because cannabis exerts its effects uniquely on each individual, determining the ‘best’ product type for a particular individual or condition is rarely straightforward. The optimal choice typically emerges through collaboration between you and your healthcare provider over time.

A Compilation of Approved Medicinal Cannabis Products in Australia

Before delving into the individual listings, there are several important considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Prices are subject to frequent changes and, as such, are not provided in this list.
  2. Within the list, many of the products may appear similar. To distinguish them, it is necessary to refer to the comprehensive product specifications or Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) for additional details.
  3. Certain products may contain higher concentrations of minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, or CBG.

To gain further insights into each of these aspects and to access condition or symptom-specific product reviews, we recommend visiting our cannabis medicine database, Catalyst.

After reviewing the products, if you are seeking a local medical practitioner, you can utilize our tool to locate cannabis doctors or nurse practitioners in your area in Australia.

Medicinal Cannabis Products Approved in Australia

ProductTHC AmountCBD AmountProduct Type
Alfie TherapeuticsCoastal Kush22 %<1 %Flower
Alfie TherapeuticsMAC-122 %<1 %Flower
AltheaAlthea CBD10 : THC55mg/ml10mg/mlOil
AltheaAlthea CBD100<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
AltheaAlthea CBD12 : THC1010mg/ml12.5mg/mlOil
AltheaAlthea CBD25 : THC2<2mg/ml25mg/mlOil
AltheaAlthea THC1818 %<1 %Flower
AltheaAlthea THC20 : CBD120mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
AltheaAlthea THC2525 %<1 %Flower
Ananda Hemp1000mg THC Free Broad Spectrum0mg/ml20mg/mlOil
Ananda Hemp900mg Full Spectrum Soft gels<0.3mg/capsule15mg/capsuleCapsule
Ananda Hemp900mg THC free Broad Spectrum Soft gels0mg/capsule15mg/capsuleCapsule
Ananda HempCBD Relief Roll-on 1000mg<0.3mg/ml33mg/mlCream
Ananda HempEndo Relief Cream 1500mg<0.2mg/g25mg/gCream
Ananda HempFull Spectrum 2000mg<0.3mg/ml40mg/mlOil
ANTGAustralian Natural Elan0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
ANTGAustralian Natural Eve<1 %14 %Flower
ANTGAustralian Natural Eve Oil<1mg/ml50mg/mlOil
ANTGAustralian Natural Juno11.5 %12.5 %Flower
ANTGAustralian Natural Luna10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
ANTGAustralian Natural Mariposa16 %<0.1 %Flower
ANTGAustralian Natural Rocky30 %<0.1 %Flower
ANTGAustralian Natural Rocky Oil30mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
ANTGAustralian Natural Solace22 %<0.1 %Flower
ANTGGlobal Selects Felix22 %<0.1 %Flower
aruma labsaruma drops 1:25<1mg/ml25mg/mlOil
aruma labsaruma drops 10:1010mg/ml10mg/mlOil
aruma labsaruma drops 20:120mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
aruma labsaruma drops cbd 100<0.1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
aruma labsaruma drops CBD 50<0.1mg/ml50mg/mlOil
aruma labsaruma flower nebula (THC 25%)25 %<1 %Flower
austrannaAustranna Indigo THC 21%210 %1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalCannabliss High CBD Flower<4 %20 %Flower
Beacon MedicalCheese Quake (THC+F)15 %<1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalCritical Super Silver Haze (THC+F)18 %<1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalGirl Scout Cookies (THC+F)20 %<1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalPink Kush (THC+F) 22%22 %<1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalPink Kush (THC+F) 25% (DISCONTINUED)25 %<1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalSensi Star (THC+F)20 %<1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalTHC Flower 25% (Cold Creek Kush)25 %<1 %Flower
Beacon MedicalWappa (THC+F)20 %<1 %Flower
Bedrocan (Dist by Novachem)Bedica®14 %<1 %Flower
Bedrocan (Dist by Novachem)Bediol®6.3 %8 %Flower
Bedrocan (Dist by Novachem)Bedrobinol®13.5 %<1 %Flower
Bedrocan (Dist by Novachem)Bedrocan®22 %<1 %Flower
Bedrocan (Dist by Novachem)Bedrolite®<1 %9 %Flower
betterSupport P.K200mg/ml40mg/mlOil
BloomPure Infusion CBD 1000<1mg/ml33mg/mlOil
BloomPure Infusion CBD 1500<1mg/ml50mg/mlOil
Blue Mountain GlobalBlue Mountain Global – Blue Mountain THC16 Sativa16 %0.2 %Flower
Blue Mountain GlobalBlue Mountain Global – Blue Mountain THC19 Indica19 %<2 %Flower
BodMediCabilis 100 CBD Isolate<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
BodMediCabilis 5% CBD<2mg/ml50mg/mlOil
BodMediCabilis CBG50Oil
Bondi Cannabis CompanyGG4 Dried Cannabis Bud20 %<0.1 %Flower
Botanitech10:15 Oil10mg/ml15mg/mlOil
Botanitech25:25 Oil25mg/ml25mg/mlOil
BotanitechBotanitech Firetail Flower21 %<1 %Flower
BotanitechBotanitech Kestrel FlowerFlower
BotanitechBotanitech Osprey FlowerFlower
BotanitechBotanitech Skylark FlowerFlower
BotanitechBotanitech T16 flower16 %<1 %Flower
BotanitechCBD100 Full Spectrum<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
BotanitechFS CBD Oil<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
BotanitechIsolate CBD Oil0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
BotanitechTHC26 Oil26mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
Burleigh Heads CannabisBHC Noosa Heads THC Flower 20%20 %<1 %Flower
Burleigh Heads CannabisBHC Potts Point Flower THC 22%22 %<1 %Flower
Burleigh Heads CannabisBHC Sunshine Coast Flower THC 22%22 %<1 %Flower
Burleigh Heads CannabisCDA CBD 240 Oil 10mL0mg/ml240mg/mlOil
Burleigh Heads CannabisCDA CBD 30 Oil 10mL<1mg/ml30mg/mlOil
Burleigh Heads CannabisCDA CBD 33 Capsules 30 caps0mg/capsule33.33mg/capsuleCapsule
Cann PharmaceuticalCB4 %7 %Flower
Cann PharmaceuticalCB 50Oil
Cann PharmaceuticalEP 12% CBD Flower0.5 %12 %Flower
Cann PharmaceuticalEP 200Oil
Cann PharmaceuticalEP 50Oil
Cann PharmaceuticalPK20 %<1 %Flower
Cann PharmaceuticalPK 200Oil
Cann PharmaceuticalPK 25Oil
CannaPacificEverso – calm CBD 20 THC 2 (DISCONTINUED)<3mg/ml20mg/mlOil
CannaPacificEverso – pure THC 20 Oil Drops (DISCONTINUED)20mg/ml<3mg/mlOil
CannatrekC100 Amber Oil<4mg/ml100mg/mlOil
CannatrekC20 CBD Oil (DISCONTINUED)<1mg/ml20mg/mlOil
CannatrekC200 Amber Oil<8mg/ml200mg/mlOil
CannatrekC20T5 Ruby CBD Oil5mg/ml20mg/mlOil
CannatrekC25 CBD BioCaps0mg/capsule25mg/capsuleCapsule
CannatrekC25 Ruby CBD Oil<2.5mg/ml25mg/mlOil
CannatrekC25 Sunstone CBD Capsules0mg/capsule25mg/capsuleCapsule
CannatrekC9T7 Argaman Flower7 %9 %Flower
CannatrekCannatrek C100 CBD Isolate Oil0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
CannatrekCannatrek C115 Sunstone CBD Oil0mg/ml115mg/mlOil
CannatrekCannatrek C12T12 Ruby Balanced Oil12.5mg/ml12.5mg/mlOil
CannatrekCannatrek C25T25 Ruby Balanced Oil25mg/ml25mg/mlOil
CannatrekCannatrek T20 Torquay Flower20 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekCannatrek T21 Willunga Flower21 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekCannatrek T22 Golden Bay FlowerFlower
CannatrekCannatrek T24 Narooma24 %0 %Flower
CannatrekCannatrek T25 Ruby THC Oil25mg/ml0mg/mlOil
CannatrekCannatrek T25 Topaz THC Oil25mg/ml0mg/mlOil
CannatrekCannatrek T25 Topaz Flower25 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekCannatrek T50 Ruby THC OilOil
CannatrekCannatrek T50 Topaz THC OilOil
CannatrekT17 Jerusalem17 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekT17 Kakadu17 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekT17 Yamba17 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekT18 Jasmin (Discontinued)18 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekT18 Lemnos Flower (Discontinued)18 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekT19 Beersheba (Discontinued)19 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekT20 Daylesford Flower20 %0 %Flower
CannatrekT20 Yamba Flower20 %<1 %Flower
CannatrekT55 Topaz Bubble Hash55mg/g<1mg/gBubble hash
CannatrekUrbanLeaf mCart BLEND-L400mg/g400mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
CannatrekUrbanLeaf mCart BLEND-S400mg/g400mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
CannatrekUrbanLeaf mCart CBD<60mg/g620mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
CannatrekUrbanLeaf mCart THC DAY800mg/g<4mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
CannatrekUrbanLeaf mCart THC NIGHT800mg/g<40mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
CannatrekUrbanLeaf mPOD Orange Dreamer 0.5g350mg/g0mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
CannatrekUrbanLeaf mPOD Purple Bud 0.5g330mg/g0mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
CanndeoCBD 100 (DISCONTINUED)0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
CanndeoCBD 100 FS (DISCONTINUED)4mg/ml100mg/mlOil
CanndeoCBD 25 (DISCONTINUED)0mg/ml25mg/mlOil
CanndeoCBD 25 FS (DISCONTINUED)1mg/ml25mg/mlOil
CanndeoTHC 25 (DISCONTINUED)25mg/ml0mg/mlOil
CanndeoTHC:CBD 1:1 (DISCONTINUED)25mg/ml25mg/mlOil
CanndeoTHC:CBD 1:30 (DISCONTINUED)3mg/ml100mg/mlOil
CanndeoTHC:CBD 15:1 (DISCONTINUED)15mg/ml1mg/mlOil
CannimCBD 100 Full Spectrum5mg/ml100mg/mlOil
CannimHigh Country Garlic Jelly22 %0 %Flower
CannimHummingbud Eden Gardens17 %0 %Flower
CannimHummingbud: Constant Spring (DISCONTINUED)20 %<1 %Flower
CannimHummingbud: Golden Grove21 %<1 %Flower
CannimHummingbud: Hope Bay (DISCONTINUED)14 %<1 %Flower
CannimLumir 12.5: 12.5 Balanced12.5mg/ml12.5mg/mlOil
CannimLumir 25:25 Balanced25mg/ml25mg/mlOil
CannimLumir LL5/CA25 %<0.1 %Flower
CannimLumir THC 2525mg/ml<0.1mg/mlOil
CannimLumir: 10:10 (DISCONTINUED)10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
CannimLumir: CBD 50 Isolate<1mg/ml50mg/mlOil
CannimLumir: GG6/AU23.1 %<1 %Flower
CannimLumir: THC2727mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
CanniMedCanniMed 1:201mg/ml20mg/mlOil
CanniMedCanniMed 18:118mg/ml0mg/mlOil
ChemovarPremium OGK24 %<1 %Flower
ChemovarRoyal Gorilla22 %<1 %Flower
CircleCircle Balance 1:1 (CBD 10: THC 10) Cannabis Oil10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
CircleCircle BALANCE 1:1 (CBD10:THC10) Oil – 30ml10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
CircleCircle Balance 25:2525mg/ml25mg/mlOil
CircleCircle Balance CBD 20: THC 12 Oil Drops12mg/ml20mg/mlOil
CircleCircle CBD 20 Oil Drops<3mg/ml20mg/mlOil
CircleCircle CBD Pure 1000mg/ml100mg/mlOil
CircleCircle CBD Pure 50 oil drops0mg/ml50mg/mlOil
CircleCircle THC 18% Dried Flower 10g18 %<1 %Flower
CircleCircle THC 20 Oil Drops20mg/ml<3mg/mlOil
Cronos AustraliaAdaya 1:25 CBD Dominant Oil<1mg/ml25mg/mlOil
Cronos AustraliaAdaya 10:10 Balanced Oil10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
Cronos AustraliaAdaya 20:1 THC Dominant Oil20mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
Cronos AustraliaAdaya 25:2525mg/ml25mg/mlOil
Cronos AustraliaAdaya CBD 100 CBD Only Oil0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Cronos AustraliaAdaya THC 1818 %<1 %Flower
Cronos AustraliaAdaya THC 19 THC Dominant Flower19 %<1 %Flower
Cronos AustraliaAdaya THC 2626mg/ml0mg/mlOil
Cronos AustraliaAdaya THC 30 THC Dominant Flower30 %<1 %Flower
CultivaCherry Punch24.5 %<0.1 %Flower
CultivaCultiva Bacio Gelato26 %<0.1 %Flower
CultivaCultiva Jealousy27 %<0.1 %Flower
CultivaCultiva Lee Anne Womac24 %<1 %Flower
CultivaOrangeade20.1 %<0.1 %Flower
Cymra Life SciencesCybis 10:2510mg/ml25mg/mlOil
Cymra Life SciencesPlateau High CBD Flower (14%)<1 %14 %Flower
DELTA9LABSLOS ANGELES – Flower25 %0.7 %Flower
DELTA9LABSLOS ANGELES – FTSE Vape (Terp Sauce)563mg/g0mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
DISPENSEDDispensed Balanced 10:1010mg/ml10mg/mlOil
DISPENSEDDispensed CBD 1000mg/ml100mg/mlOil
DISPENSEDDispensed Day Light 20% THC Sativa Flower20 %<1 %Flower
DISPENSEDDispensed Moon Rise 22% THC Indica Flower22 %<1 %Flower
DragonflyDragonfly CBD0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Elevated ExtractsBalanced 10:1510mg/ml15mg/mlOil
Elevated ExtractsCBD Isolate 3000mg0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Elevated ExtractsTHC 2020 %<1 %Flower
Elevated ExtractsTHC-1616 %<1 %Flower
Elevated ExtractsTHC-16 Pepe16 %<1 %Flower
Elevated ExtractsTHC-22 Garcia22 %<0.1 %Flower
Elevated ExtractsTHC-26 Sandra26 %<1 %Flower
EntouraCBD 10 Oil<2mg/ml100mg/mlOil
EntouraCBD 200 Oil0mg/ml200mg/mlOil
EntouraCBD15 Chew0mg/chew15mg/chewTablet
EntouraEMC 10:15 Oil10mg/ml15mg/mlOil
EntouraEMC THC 26 Oil26mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
EntouraVaraski T2020 %<1 %Flower
EntouraVaraski T2626 %<1 %Flower
GrandiosaBalance CBD Full Spectrum 25%<0.1mg/ml250mg/mlOil
GrandiosaBalance CBD Full Spectrum 8%<0.04mg/ml82.5mg/mlOil
GrandiosaBalance Dry Flower Blue Cheese21 %<1 %Flower
GrandiosaBalance Dry Flower Gorilla Glue23 %<1 %Flower
GrandiosaBalance Dry Flower Jilly Bean20 %<0.1 %Flower
GrandiosaBalance Dry Flower Kosher Kush22 %<1 %Flower
GrandiosaDry Flower Blue Cheese 10122 %<1 %Flower
Green ShepherdCO-H1616 %1 %Flower
GreenfieldCBD Original High 30mL<3mg/ml100mg/mlOil
GreenfieldCBD Original Low 30mL<3mg/ml16.7mg/mlOil
GreenlabGreenlab Balance 25:2525mg/ml25mg/mlOil
HAPA pharmHAPA 1:151mg/ml15mg/mlOil
HAPA pharmHAPA 10:10 30ml10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
HAPA pharmHAPA 10:10 60ml10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
HAPA pharmHAPA CBD 50 60ml0mg/ml50mg/mlOil
Heyday Medical25:5 CBD Oil5mg/ml25mg/mlOil
Heyday MedicalHeyday 10:10 Oil10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
Heyday MedicalHeyday 20:1 Oil20mg/ml1mg/mlOil
Heyday MedicalHeyday 26:1 THC Oil26mg/ml1mg/mlOil
Heyday MedicalHeyday Day Flower 19% THC19 %<1 %Flower
Heyday MedicalHeyday Dusk Flower 23% THC – current batch discounted to $90 RRP due to seeds. Fresh harvest available February 2023.23 %<1 %Flower
Heyday MedicalHeyday Flow CBD Flower1 %12 %Flower
Heyday MedicalHeyday Night Flower 19% THC – temporary 22% Night Flower also currently available19 %<1 %Flower
Heyday MedicalHeyday Rise Flower THC 20%20 %<1 %Flower
HoligenSensi Star11 %1 %Flower
Humacology0:100 CBD Isolate Oil with 19.3% terpenes0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Humacology3:150:50 Full Spectrum THC:CBD:CBG Oil with 4% terpenes3mg/ml150mg/mlOil
Humacology3:200:15 Full Spectrum THC:CBD:CBN oil with 4% terpenes3mg/ml200mg/mlOil
IsospecIsospec CBD RX 3000 (Limoncello)<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
IsospecIsospec PM 5000 (Peppermint)0mg/ml166mg/mlOil
IsospecIsospec RX 1000 (Limoncello)Oil
IsospecIsospec RX 1000 (Natural)0mg/ml33mg/mlOil
IsospecIsospec RX 1000 (Peppermint)0mg/ml33mg/mlOil
IsospecIsospec RX 3000 (Natural)0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
IsospecIsospec RX 3000 (Peppermint)0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
IsospecIsospec RX Lotion0mg/ml30mg/mlCream
IsospecIsospec RX Salve0mg/ml33mg/mlCream
iX SyrinxHypera 10mg THC Wafer10mg/wafer<0.1mg/waferWafer
iX SyrinxHypera 5mg THC Wafer5mg/wafer<0.1mg/waferWafer
iX SyrinxXativa 12.5mg Wafer<0.1mg/wafer12.5mg/waferWafer
iX Syrinxxativa 25mg Wafer<0.1mg/wafer25mg/waferWafer
iX SyrinxXativa 50mg Wafer0mg/wafer50mg/waferWafer
KANNAVIISEpikouracan (THC 20:1)20mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
KANNAVIISVoithacan (CBD 100)0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Kind MedicalAzure 17:117 %<1 %Flower
Kind MedicalDulce 24:124 %<1 %Flower
Kind MedicalIris 21:121 %<1 %Flower
Kind MedicalLibra 6:66 %6 %Flower
Kind MedicalRosa 22:122 %<1 %Flower
Kind MedicalSol 1:16<1 %16 %Flower
Kind MedicalStella 18:118 %<1 %Flower
LeafCannTGOD Care (DISCONTINUED)1mg/ml25mg/mlOil
LeafCannTGOD Harmony (DISCONTINUED)9.19mg/ml16mg/mlOil
LeafCannTGOD Unite Organic (DISCONTINUED)24.74mg/ml0mg/mlOil
Levin HealthLevin Balance10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
Levin HealthLevin CBD+<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Levin HealthLevin Health THC2626mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
Levin HealthTHC 20% Sativa20 %<1 %Flower
Levin HealthTHC 26% Indica Dried Cannabis26 %<1 %Flower
Little Green PharmaClassic 1:1001mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Little Green PharmaClassic 1:20<1mg/ml20mg/mlOil
Little Green PharmaClassic 10:1010mg/ml10mg/mlOil
Little Green PharmaClassic 20:520mg/ml5mg/mlOil
Little Green PharmaClassic CBD 50<0.2mg/ml50mg/mlOil
Little Green PharmaFlower CBD 14 Sky Mist<1 %14 %Flower
Little Green PharmaFlower THC 22 Desert Flame22 %<1 %Flower
Little Green PharmaLGP Flower THC 16 Billy Buttons16 %<1 %Flower
Little Green PharmaLGP Flower THC 20 Lemon Glow20 %<1 %Flower
Little Green PharmaLGP Flower THC 22 Moonlight22 %<1 %Flower
Little Green PharmaLGP Flower THC 25 Bush LanternFlower
Lyphe AustraliaAlleve Balance10 Full Spectrum10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
Lyphe AustraliaAlleve Balance25 Full Spectrum25mg/ml25mg/mlOil
Lyphe AustraliaAlleve C100 Broad Spectrum (THC Free)0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Lyphe AustraliaAlleve T26 Full Spectrum26mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
Lyphe AustraliaAlma Allegro Sativa T2323 %<1 %Flower
Lyphe AustraliaAlma Cumulus Hybrid T2323 %<1 %Flower
Lyphe AustraliaAlma Dali Indica T2323 %<1 %Flower
Lyphe AustraliaWildflower Banksia T2727 %<1 %Flower
Lyphe AustraliaWildflower Daisy T9C129 %12 %Flower
Lyphe AustraliaWildflower Grevillea T2727 %<1 %Flower
Lyphe AustraliaWildflower Hakea T2727 %<1 %Flower
Lyphe AustraliaWildflower Waratah T2424 %<1 %Flower
MaaliMaali Cloud 11% CBD Flower<1 %11 %Flower
MaaliMaali Fire 21% THC Flower21 %<1 %Flower
MaaliMaali Sky 20% THC Flower20 %<1 %Flower
Medbox PharmaCBD100Oil
Medbox PharmaCBD15:THC10Oil
Medbox PharmaCBD25:THC25Oil
Medbox PharmaTHC2626 %<1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaETG01 (DISCONTINUED)27 %<1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN Cold Creek Afghan Kush (CC01) Flower24 %<1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN FX01 Oil20mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN FX02 (DISCONTINUED)5mg/ml8mg/mlOil
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN FX03 (DISCONTINUED)0.9mg/ml20mg/mlOil
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN FX04 Oil3.5mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN FX05 Oil0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN FX06 Oil15mg/ml24mg/mlOil
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN GC01 (DISCONTINUED)8mg/capsule<1mg/capsuleCapsule
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN GC02 (DISCONTINUED)5mg/capsule8mg/capsuleCapsule
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN HGH (HGH01) Flower30 %<1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN Scotti’s Cake (STT01) Flower28 %<1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN Sherbert Glue (GLU01) Flower25 %<0.1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN Strawberry Cake (SC01) Flower22 %<0.1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN Ultra Sour (ULTRA01) Flower25 %<0.1 %Flower
MEDCAN AustraliaMEDCAN Wappa49 (WPA49) Flower20 %<1 %Flower
MedibisEumundi E10 Oil solution10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
MedibisHighfields T20 Oil solution20mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
MedibisMedibis CBD1000mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MedibisMedibis Mapleton THC25 10g (S8)250 %<0.1 %Flower
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBD Drops 3500mg0.28mg/ml116.67mg/mlOil
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBD Hemp Flower Lift0.62 %18.73 %Flower
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBD Hemp Flower Special1.02 %20.29 %Flower
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx CapsulesCapsule
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx Hemp + MCT Oil (1000mg)0.4mg/ml41mg/mlOil
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx Hemp + MCT Oil (1500mg)0.5mg/ml58mg/mlOil
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx Hemp + MCT Oil (500mg)<1mg/ml19mg/mlOil
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx Oil Vape Additive (120mg)0mg/ml12mg/mlLiquid vape cartridge
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx Oil Vape Additive (300mg)0.9mg/ml30mg/mlOther
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx Oil Vape Additive (500mg)0.6mg/ml53mg/mlOther
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)CBDfx Oil Vape Additive (60mg)0mg/ml6mg/mlLiquid vape cartridge
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)Hemp Flower Space0.6 %20.97 %Flower
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)MOCA CBD Capsules Full Spectrum<1mg/capsule25mg/capsuleCapsule
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)MOCA CBD Drops 1000mg0mg/ml33.33mg/mlOil
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)MOCA CBD Drops 1500mg0mg/ml50mg/mlOil
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)MOCA CBD Drops 5000mg0mg/ml166.67mg/mlOil
Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)MOCA CBD Whole Leaf TeaOther
MediGrowth AustraliaBALANCE12.5mg/ml12.5mg/mlOil
MediGrowth AustraliaCBD 100<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MediGrowth AustraliaHaiiku2222 %1 %Flower
Medlab ClinicalNanaBis™8.93mg/ml8.93mg/mlSpray
Medlab ClinicalNanoCBD™0mg/ml16.67mg/mlSpray
MedReleaf AustraliaAurora CBD Drops<3mg/ml28.5mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaAurora THC Drops (Indica)28.5mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaAurora THC Drops (Sativa)28.5mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaAurora Tower Cannatonic Dried<0.5 %12.2 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaCanniMed 1:20<1mg/ml20mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaCanniMed 10:109.8mg/ml9.9mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaCanniMed 18:018.3mg/ml<0.5mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaEncore Ovation Sublingual Filmstrip0.2mg/film10mg/filmOther
MedReleaf AustraliaIndiMed Andante Oil<1.6mg/ml20mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaIndiMed Aztecs CBD 1000mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaIndiMed Mezzo Oil10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaIndiMed Stanza Oil18mg/ml<1.1mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaIndiMed Tempo 19 (Indica) Dried19 %<1 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaIndiMed Tempo Balanced Dried Flower9 %8.3 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaIndiMed Tempo Dried (Sativa)16 %<1 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Equiposa Dried9 %8.3 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Equiposa Oil12.5mg/ml<15mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Equiposa Softgels2.6mg/capsule<4mg/capsuleCapsule
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Luminarium Dried22.1 %<1 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Luminarium Oil24mg/ml<0.9mg/mlOil
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Luminarium Softgels5mg/capsule<0.2mg/capsuleCapsule
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Rex Dried13 %<1 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Rex Pure Resin Cartridge700mg/mg<10mg/mgLiquid vape cartridge
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Sedaprem Dried21.3 %<1 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Sedaprem Pure Resin Cartridge700mg/mg<10mg/mgLiquid vape cartridge
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Sedaprem Softgels5mg/capsule<0.2mg/capsuleCapsule
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Stellio Dried21.5 %<1 %Flower
MedReleaf AustraliaMedReleaf Vespera Dried<1 %13.6 %Flower
MGC PharmaCannEpil Plus5mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MGC PharmaCognicann25mg/ml17mg/mlSpray
MGC PharmaEXTRAX Balance0mg/ml640mg/mlLiquid vape cartridge
MGC PharmaHYBRID T20 Royal Moby20 %<1 %Flower
MGC PharmaMP 1:1 Oral Drops25mg/ml25mg/mlOil
MGC PharmaMP 1:30 Oral Drops3.3mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MGC PharmaMP 100 Oral Drops0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
MGC PharmaMP 15:1 Oral Drops25mg/ml1.7mg/mlOil
MGC PharmaMP 25T Oral Drops25mg/ml0mg/mlOil
MGC PharmaTHC 20 French Cookie BOOST Sativa Whole20 %<1 %Flower
MGC PharmaTHC 20 Indica Flower20 %<1 %Flower
MGC PharmaTHC 20 La S.A.G.E. BELONG Hybrid Whole Flower20 %<1 %Flower
Mother PlantSLF2525 %<1 %Flower
Mother PlantUCP2828 %<1 %Flower
NectarTekBALANCE 1515mg/ml15mg/mlOil
NectarTekCBD PURO 1500mg/ml150mg/mlOil
NectarTekLUNA 22220 %<1 %Flower
NectarTekNectartek Sola 20Flower
NectarTekSPECTRUM 1005mg/ml113mg/mlOil
OpulentCBD Gel Capsule0mg/capsule25mg/capsuleCapsule
Ora PharmCBD 1000mg/ml100mg/mlOil
PharmaCannBioCann THC Flos 15%15 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannBioCann THC Flos 18%18 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannBioCann THC Flos 20%20 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannBioCann THC Flos 21%21 %<0.1 %Flower
PharmaCannBioCann THC Flos 22%22 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannBioCann THC Flos 23%23 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannBioCann THC Flos 24% (Black Cherry Punch)24 %<0.1 %Flower
PharmaCannCannRix CBD20000mg/ml40mg/mlOil
PharmaCannCannRix Duo 15:1515mg/ml15mg/mlOil
PharmaCannCannRix THC Flos 15%15 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannCannRix THC Flos 18%18 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannCannRix THC Flos 20%20 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannCannRix THC Flos 21%21 %<0.1 %Flower
PharmaCannCannRix THC Flos 22%22 %<1 %Flower
PharmaCannPharmaCann Calm 30mg0mg/capsule30mg/capsuleCapsule
PharmaCannPharmaCann CBD 10000mg/capsule33.3mg/capsuleCapsule
PharmaCannPharmaCann Gummies 25mg0mg/chew25mg/chewChew
PharmaCannPharmaCann Sleep 15mg0mg/capsule15mg/capsuleCapsule
PHCANN InternationalCannabis extract THC 10% (100 mg/mL)100mg/ml0mg/mlOil
PHCANN InternationalCannabis extract THC 25% (250 mg/mL)250mg/ml0mg/mlOil
PHCANN InternationalCannabis extract THC 5% (50 mg/mL)50mg/ml0mg/mlOil
PHCANN InternationalCannabis Extract THC25:CBD2525mg/ml25mg/mlOil
PHCANN InternationalCannabis Extract THC3:CBD453mg/ml45mg/mlOil
PHCANN InternationalCannabis Extract THC8:CBD408mg/ml40mg/mlOil
PhytocaMedca 20mg CBD Oil Capsules – DISCONTINUED0.2mg/capsule20mg/capsuleCapsule
PhytocaMedca 30mg CBD Oil Capsules – DISCONTINUED<1mg/capsule30mg/capsuleCapsule
PhytocaPhytoca CBD 1500mg/ml150mg/mlOil
PhytocaPhytoca CBD BS60Oil
PhytocaPhytoca CBD FS CapsulesCapsule
PhytocaPhytoca CBD FS702.7mg/ml67mg/mlOil
PhytocaPhytoca THC 20 OA20 %<1 %Flower
PhytocaPhytoca THC 22 NQ22 %<1 %Flower
Promethean BioPharmaPromethean Biopharma Balanced Emulsion8mg/ml12mg/mlEmulsion
Promethean BioPharmaPromethean Biopharma High CBD Emulsion1mg/ml19mg/mlEmulsion
Promethean BioPharmaPromethean BioPharma High THC Emulsion19mg/ml1mg/mlEmulsion
Promethean BioPharmaPromethean Biopharma Pure CBD Emulsion0mg/ml20mg/mlEmulsion
Promethean BioPharmaSour OG Cheese20 %<0.1 %Flower
Promethean BioPharmaSuper Silver Haze17 %<0.01 %Flower
ProvocatusCBD100 Oil 30mL<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
ProvocatusProvocatus Coastal Rosemary Flower26 %<1 %Flower
ProvocatusProvocatus Illawarra Flame TreeFlower
ProvocatusTHC10:CBD15 Oil 50mL10mg/ml15mg/mlOil
ProvocatusTHC26 Oil 50mL26mg/ml0mg/mlOil
Releaf DispensariesMAC2 – Mellow17 %<1 %Flower
Releaf DispensariesReleaf Critical Kush Flower (25% THC, 1.3% CBN, CBG <1%)25 %<1 %Flower
Releaf DispensariesReleaf Green Gelato Flower (23% THC, <1% CBG, <1% CBN)23 %<1 %Flower
Releaf DispensariesReleaf Slurricane Flower (DISCONTINUED)20 %<1 %Flower
Releaf DispensariesTom Ford25 %<1 %Flower
Revive BiotechRevive Biotech Bright Day 1500mg<0.1mg/ml50mg/mlOil
Revive BiotechRevive Biotech Bright Day 3000mg<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Revive BiotechRevive Biotech Serenity Night 1500mg<1mg/ml50mg/mlOil
Revive BiotechRevive Biotech Serenity Night 3000mg<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
satipharmSatipharm CBD25 Advanced Capsules0mg/capsule25mg/capsuleCapsule
satipharmSatipharm CBD50 Advanced Capsules0mg/capsule50mg/capsuleCapsule
SatiViteBreemgu CBD Oil0mg/ml100mg/mlOil
SatiViteDirrag 27 “Dirty Banana”27 %1 %Flower
SatiViteEucla 24 Living Soil Organic24 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteGunnama 22 Live Soil Organic22 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteJerrawah 26 (Black Dolato)26 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteKannbi 25 Live Soil Organic25 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteLeumah 23 “High Society”23 %1 %Flower
SatiViteMimosa 21.4% THC21.4 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteMoorok 21 LSO “Mac 1”21 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteNula Nula 21 (Wedding Cake)20 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteOkanagan 19 (Cake Crasher)19 %<1 %Flower
SatiViteSatiCap 2.5:2.52.5mg/capsule2.5mg/capsuleCapsule
SatiViteSatiCap Softgels 10:1010mg/capsule10mg/capsuleCapsule
SatiViteSativite Biriny 50 Pressed Resin50mg/g<1mg/gBubble hash
SatiViteWoomera 2323 %<1 %Flower
SOLSOL Northern Lights1 %<0.43 %Flower
SOLTHC 23 (Blueberry)23 %<0.2 %Flower
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Blue 2.5mg softgel 60 caps2.5mg/capsule3.75mg/capsuleCapsule
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Blue Cannabis Oil 40ml10mg/ml15mg/mlOil
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Red No 1 10mg Softgel 30 Caps10mg/capsule<1mg/capsuleCapsule
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Red No 1 2.5mg Softgel 60 Caps2.5mg/capsule<1mg/capsuleCapsule
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Red No 1 Cannabis Flower 15g20 %<1 %Flower
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Red No 1 Oil 40mL Cannabis26.3mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Red No 2 Cannabis Flower 15g17 %<1 %Flower
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum White 100 Oil<1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Yellow Cannabis Oil 40ml<1mg/ml20mg/mlOil
Spectrum TherapeuticsSpectrum Yellow Softgel 30 Caps<1mg/capsule20mg/capsuleCapsule
Spectrum TherapeuticsTweed Bakerstreet Cannabis Flower 15g20 %<1 %Flower
Spectrum TherapeuticsTweed Penelope Cannabis Flower 15g80 %70 %Flower
SunCo GreenCBD Pure<0.1mg/ml100mg/mlOil
SunCo GreenFlavus 1:25 THC:CBD<1mg/ml25mg/mlOil
SunCo GreenFlavus+ 1:50 THC:CBD<1mg/ml50mg/mlOil
SunCo GreenPollens Dried Flower 20% 10g20 %<1 %Flower
SunCo GreenRufus 20:1 THC:CBD20mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
SunCo GreenSunco Green Diva Dried Cannabis 22%22 %<1 %Flower
SunCo GreenSunco Green LIBERO Dried Cannabis 20%20 %<1 %Flower
SunCo GreenSunco Green Nebula Dried Cannabis 26%26 %<0.1 %Flower
SunCo GreenSunco Green Novum Dried Cannabis 22%22 %<1 %Flower
SunCo GreenVeridus 10:10 THC:CBD10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
sundazeInterstellar20 %<1 %Flower
sundazeNightshade24 %<1 %Flower
sundazeSierra Blaze20 %<1 %Flower
sundazeSupernova26 %<1 %Flower
Superbly GreenSuperbly Blissy22 %1 %Flower
Superbly GreenSuperbly Cozey22 %1 %Flower
Superbly GreenSuperbly Kushy18 %1 %Flower
Superbly GreenSuperbly Sunny25 %1 %Flower
Syqe (Dist by Novachem)Syqe Cartridge1mg/chip<0.01mg/chipMetered dose cartridge
Tasmanian BotanicsBalanced 25:25 Oral Liquid25mg/ml25mg/mlOil
Tasmanian BotanicsC100 Oral Liquid5mg/ml100mg/mlOil
Tasmanian BotanicsCBD 25 Oral Liquid<1mg/ml25mg/mlOil
Tasmanian BotanicsT10 +C10 Oral Liquid10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
Tasmanian BotanicsT25 Oral Liquid25mg/ml0mg/mlOil
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 18 – Midlands18 %<1 %Flower
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 21 Highlands21 %<1 %Flower
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 23 Jade23 %<1 %Flower
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 23 Opal23 %<1 %Flower
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 25 Amethyst25 %<1 %Flower
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 26 Emerald26 %<0.1 %Flower
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 31 Royale31 %<1 %Flower
Tasmanian BotanicsTHC 6 CBD 8 Balanced Kush6 %8 %Flower
The Cannabis Flower CompanyFlower Number One22 %<1 %Flower
Tikun OceanaAVIDEKEL CBD 30<1mg/ml30mg/mlOil
Tikun OceanaEREZ THC 3030mg/ml<1mg/mlOil
TilrayPurified CBD 1000mg/ml100mg/mlOil
TilrayPurified CBD250mg/ml25mg/mlOil
TilrayTHC10 CBD1010mg/ml10mg/mlOil
TilrayTHC10 CBD10 Flower10 %10 %Flower
TilrayTHC17 Flower17 %<1 %Flower
TilrayTHC22 Flower22 %<1 %Flower
TilrayTHC25 CBD2525mg/ml25mg/mlOil
TilrayTHC25 Flower25 %<1 %Flower
TilrayTHC5 CBD205mg/ml20mg/mlOil
TurkkenHalal Balance10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
UpstateAlpha Eight T1919 %<1 %Flower
UpstateDelta One T2323 %<1 %Flower
UpstateTheta Four T1919 %<1 %Flower
UpstateUpstate Carts THC Day800mg/g<8mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
UpstateUpstate Carts THC Night800mg/g<8mg/gLiquid vape cartridge
VivaceContento THC10:CBD15Oil
VivaceFiore Yellow T2626 %<1 %Flower
VivaceSupremo THC25:CBD25Oil
Zelira TherapeuticsHOPE 1™5mg/ml5mg/mlOil
Zelira TherapeuticsZenivol™20mg/ml1mg/mlOil
ZYUSCBD Balanced10mg/ml10mg/mlOil
ZYUSCBD Oil1mg/ml20mg/mlOil
ZYUSDried Bud THC 10g20 %1 %Flower
ZYUSTHC Oil20mg/ml<1mg/mlOil